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6 Ways Your Winery Can Leverage a Mobile POS System

Point of Sale

Today’s consumers are interested in quick, efficient, and hassle-free service, which means wineries need a mobile-friendly POS system now more than ever. A mobile POS system provides the ultimate flexibility for your staff while allowing you to offer a seamless customer experience, every time. Using a mobile POS system allows you to flip the script; instead of your guests approaching a counter and waiting for assistance, a mobile-friendly POS system makes it all about them, delivering more convenient and personalized interactions.

Here are 6 ways you can leverage mobile POS to provide superior service and efficiency to your customers:

Table service

Whether you have tables indoors or outside, a mobile POS allows you to deliver more effective tableside service. Make wine suggestions based on their preferences; sign them up for your wine club, and more, without customers ever needing to get up.

Food service

In the past, you would have to take food orders from your visitors and then walk them to the kitchen. Using mobile POS, you can instantly submit orders to the kitchen and move onto the next table. You can also track tabs, giving your guests a chance to relax and enjoy the experience.

Tips and gratuities

With a mobile POS, you can make it easier for your guests to figure out tips and gratuities. They can select from preset percentages or enter a custom amount. Not only does this eliminate the guesswork and effort for them, but it can also increase tipping.

Contactless payments

If you have your customer’s card on file, they don’t even need to have their card on hand to pay. Simply bring up their tab, have them approve the total, and they’re done. If you don’t have a card on file, a mobile POS allows customers to process their cards directly on the mobile device, whether they’re outside or in the tasting room.

Wine club pickups

Make your wine club pickups seamless! Receive an alert for when member has a will-call on hold for them. When they arrive, simply open the pickup order and have the member sign for it on the tablet.

Offsite sales

Attending an event? A mobile POS allows you to make sales anytime, anywhere. All you need is a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

As you can see, implementing a mobile POS system allows you to improve the efficiency of your daily operations while providing the best possible experience for your guests.