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5 stages of a club members life cycle

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What is the path of a customer through wine club member and how can you influence it?  Can you tailor your customer’s experience, so they have a higher chance of becoming a club member through signage, staff interaction, POS, club benefit displays, guest books/kiosks and tasting sheets?  You betcha! stage 1 – prospects Prospects are […]

9 tips to manage gifted club memberships

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Gift memberships are a great way to expand awareness of your wine brand.  It’s a two for one membership.  They are different from most other club memberships because the purchaser and recipient are different people, so managing that relationship is more difficult.  Below are ideas for keeping the gift membership healthy and keep both members […]

10 Ways to Increase Your Club Membership

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Wine clubs are a great way to generate recurring predictable revenue. Club members are more likely to visit your tasting rooms often and spend more each time they visit, making them some of your most valuable customers. With that in mind, how can you increase your memberships? Here are 10 easy tips you can begin […]