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Increase your club revenue

Wine Club

Learn how to increase your wine club revenue by adding opt-in and opt-out offers.

5 ways to increase your club pickup rate

Wine Club

Your club is successful. You have a great group of club members and have been doing well signing up new members, many of which are picking up their wine at the winery — or at least they are supposed to!  Unclaimed wine can take a lot of space and require extra attention.  Since time is […]

Designing your club for maximum membership

Wine Club

When designing your wine club there are many decisions to make that can help maximize your membership.  The schedule and contents of your shipments, the club signup form, communication, and events can all help drive membership. what products will you offer your members? Before people can sign up for your wine club, you need to […]

5 stages of a club members life cycle

Wine Club

What is the path of a customer through wine club member and how can you influence it?  Can you tailor your customer’s experience, so they have a higher chance of becoming a club member through signage, staff interaction, POS, club benefit displays, guest books/kiosks and tasting sheets?  You betcha! stage 1 – prospects Prospects are […]

opportunities in wine club credit card declines

Wine Club

The most challenging part of running your wine club is chasing declined orders.  Holidays, hackers, and economic downturns can all increase the percentage of declined cards.  Even though these orders would be easier to deal with if the cards had authorized, this is a great opportunity for customer contact and increasing sales.  Following are tips […]

9 tips to manage gifted club memberships

Wine Club

Gift memberships are a great way to expand awareness of your wine brand.  It’s a two for one membership.  They are different from most other club memberships because the purchaser and recipient are different people, so managing that relationship is more difficult.  Below are ideas for keeping the gift membership healthy and keep both members […]

Tips for Effective Inventory Tracking


As you likely know, tracking inventory levels can be tedious and time-consuming. However, it’s an essential part of the business that shouldn’t be overlooked. Why? Inventory is money – and that means control is necessary to run the business effectively. From production to management, all levels of your business depend on some form of inventory […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer service is the lifeblood of most businesses, but it’s especially vital in the wine industry. Since wine customers range from the complete novice to connoisseur, their needs vary greatly. This makes it even more important to provide exceptional service to ensure that everyone leaves the tasting room with a high level of satisfaction – […]

5 Tips on Selling to Customer Preference


How well do you know your customers? The more you understand about them, their preferences, and their buying patterns, the better you can provide them with a seamless experience with your winery.  In our busy world, customers are more distracted than ever, so make it easier for them by knowing what they want before they […]

Why Data Capture is Essential for a Successful DtC Operation


If a customer comes into your tasting and buys a case of wine, if you do not collect any personal data, it could mean that you have potentially lost them as a long-term customer. Sure, there is a chance they will return, but you do not have the valuable ability to reach out and connect […]